Holiday Safety

Around this time of year, the air gets a bit more chilly, people tend to travel more, and there are a lot of preparations being made that can make it all seem overwhelming. We here at Van Buren County want all of our neighbors to have not only a very merry and cheerful celebration, but a safe one as well.

1. In the kitchen and around meals, or even out shopping for that perfect gift, be mindful of hygiene. Wash your hands and be courteous to others by covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Togetherness can also come with lots of germiness.

2. Baby, it's cold outside, so you need to bundle up and check out that heater to make sure it's working properly. Check on elderly friends and relatives and especially those who might live alone too. Winterize your home and vehicle(s). And have some emergency items on hand in the car(s), too (blankets, food/water, hand-warmers/gloves) along with your standard first-aid kit and flashlight. 

3. Relax. Despite all those details needing to be just right and making room for house guests, things have a tendency of going just exactly as they needed to if you let them. No one person can make everything perfect, so don't be against asking others to pitch in. Remember the reason for the season and don't put yourself or those that love you in the position of needing to call 911 for a stress-induced malady.

That's our three, but for much more on this, check the CDC at: