Summer Travel Safety Tips

We'd like to provide a few handy bits of advice for those looking to do some traveling over the hot summer months:

1) Have a Tune-up done on your vehicle. Good to do anytime you are planning to drive a distance.
2) Take along plenty of fluids, epecially water, just in case.
3) Pack, or stock up along the way, on some healthy snacks for those growly tummies between meals.
4) Follow all road, traffic, and driving rules. Seat belts, car seats, speed limits, turn signals, following distance, paying extra attention in construction zones, etc. save lives.
5) Carry relevant paper maps along with your cell phone, batteries and electronics can go out. Consider purchasing a travel charger for the cell phone.
6) Let a trusted relative or friend know where you are headed so they can come to your assistance or aid in directing assistance if necessary.
7) Secure your bags and things and keep the weight down nearer to the ground. Bags and items can fly forward on sudden stops.
8) Check the weather forecast in advance, and periodically during the trip, and plan accordingly. Many states also have a dedicated website ( for road conditions.
9) Try to keep things in perspective. The point of vacation is rest and relaxation, sometimes not everything goes to plan, so make the best of it and look for the positive.
10) Stop, stretch, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. There are some unique and special views right here Van Buren County!