Circuit Clerk Filing Fees

Filing Fees (USD)

For initiating a cause of action in Circuit Court or an appeal from an inferior court.Foreign Judgments must be authenticated. (A cover sheet must accompany all cases (when either opening or closing a case.) Confidential form 35 must accompany all decrees involving children and must be completely filled out. This form will not be open for public inspection.)       
$165.00 ($50.00 re-opening of court case)

If any cause of action in Circuit Court becomes unusually lengthy additional fees may be assessed for each additional filing in accordance with the schedule of fees.

Issuance of writs of garnishments/execution (must be prepared by requesting attorney/party.)              

Signature/seal of summons/subpoenas courtesy of three (3) summonses for each new case. The summons/subpoenas must be prepared by requesting party.
$2.50 (each additional)

Recording fees for land records (including Lis Pendens)                
Notary Bonds 
(Plats & surveys must have required number of copies. Plats 5, Surveys 4.)
Measurements 8.5” X 14” or smaller
Measurements Exceeding 8.5” X 14”
Material man’s Lien and Certificate of Assess
Foreign Judgments (must be certified within State
$15.00 ( $5.00 each additonal)

UCC Filing and Termination - $12.00
Partial UCC Release, Continuation, Amendments - $6.00

UCC Search (per name) - $6.00
First copy - $6.00
Per page after first copy - $2.00
Copies mailed/faxed in/out (must be paid in advance) per page - $1.00
Copies in office per page - $.50

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