Marriage Licenses

-Cost is $60.00 USD. Cash ONLY please. No refunds.
-Both parties over 21 must be present with valid photo ID, showing their legal name and date of birth.
-Both parties under 21  must be present with one of the following:
        1. a State-certified copy of their birth certificate.
        2. a Military ID card.
        3. a valid Passport
-For male parties aged 17 or females aged 16, both parents are required to be present, if divorced; then custodial parent must be present with the most current court order granting custody. (There will be a 5 day waiting period).
-Either party 16 or under must appear before a Circuit Court Judge.
-If your last name has changed through divorce and your driver's license does not reflect this change; then you will need to bring a certified copy of your divorce decree.
-Arkansas Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days.
-License must be returned used or unused within 60 days fro recording or a $100 USD bond will be executed against all applicants for the license.
-No medical/blood tests or proof of residence are required for marriage licenses in Arkansas.
-License may be used immediately or within 60 day time limit. (No waiting period is required in Arkansas after a divorce is final).
-The license may be used anywhere in the state of Arkansas, but must be returned to the County Clerk's office where originally issued.
-No witnesses are required for a marriage in the state of Arkansas.
-Licenses are issued on a party's choice of "Bride & Groom" or "Spouse 1 & 2"
-Marriages performed in Arkansas are recognized in all other states.

Covenant Marriage:
In order to have a covenant marriage license issued, (which is optional) applicants are required to go through several months of counseling by a minister, priest, rabbi, clerk of the Society of Friends, any clergy member of any religious sect, a licensed professional counselor, licensed associate counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical psychologists or licensed marriage and family therapist.

Please direct all ohter inquiries regarding marriage to the County Clerk's Office.
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