Thanksgiving in America

In 1621, less than half of the original Pilgrims had survived the first-year difficulties of living in the New World, (including extreme cold, lack of shelter, and lack of nourishment) but they had a bountiful second-year harvest. With aid from Samoset and Squanto and other Native Americans they learned of new foods and methods for food collection. They had corn, fruits, vegetables, syrup, wild game and fowl, and fish. There was even enough to store for the Winter.

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Van Buren County in Autumn

Van Buren County in Autumn:

Merry leaves prance happily clad in red and gold
In their Autumn splendor bundled 'gainst the cold
For year's end is nearing and with a simple dance
That echoes 'cross the county like whispers from the past

Lay your burdens down dear heart you've surely earned a rest
Listen to the melody find its rhythm in your chest
And in this time of stillness one can drop one's pen
There'll come a time tomorrow to take it up again

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