VBC Committee for Health Improvement

The purpose of this page is to provide our residents with resources and information about Health and Healthy Living.

List of Family Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs:

  • Technology based coupon program
  • Cook Smart, Eat Smart (cooking school)
  • Mediterranean cooking classes (coming after October 15)
  • Diabetes education (Coming after September 15)
  • In-School Nutrition Programs
  • Shopping Matters at the store (Grocery store tours)
  • SNAP-Ed Nutrition Programs for SNAP and WIC qualified participants
  • Consumer Economics classes
  • Financial Management classes
  • Budgeting classes
  • Marriage Garden Packet
  • Blue Print to Happiness
  • Best Care (Child Care Provider Training)
  • Food Preservation Classes and information
  • Basic Nutrition Information
  • Extension Homemakers Club
  • Extension Get Fit Exercise Classes
  • Mindless Eating lesson
  • ServSafe
  • Health and Aging programs
  • Food Safety

County Presentation on our State of Health
State Presentation on the State of Arkansas Health

Available Health Improvement Grants

Van Buren County Health Department

Arkansas Health Department