Frequently asked questions and fun trivia about Van Buren County

  • We are a dry county, though there are private clubs and establishments providing alcohol to members.
  • Clinton is the county seat of Van Buren County.
  • We average 51 inches of rain per year and 4 inches of snowfall for a total of 82 days per year with any measurable precipitation.
  • There are 219 sunny days on average a year with our highest temperatures in July averaging around 91 degrees. The lowest temperatures are usually in January averaging 26.
  • Our air quality rates at 96.2 out of 100 and water at 100 of 100. Our health cost is 91.6 out of 100 (higher is better).
  • Our sales tax is 8.5% while our income tax is 7%. Our 911 surcharge is 12%.
  • The median home cost is $83,900.00.
  • Our overall cost of living is lower than the national average at 79 out of 100 (lower is better).
  • Our voting blocks are 28.491% Democrat, 67.885% Republican, and 3.624% Independent
  • Our population is 50.49% female and 49.52% male and 41.41% single.
  • Our courthouse is the same dimensions as the Greek Parthenon.
  • Helpful statistics website (includes Demographics, Weather, Geography, etc.)
  • Greers Ferry Lake has a variety of fishing and state records include: an 11lb 5oz Lake Trout (1997 by Clark Stevenson), the second largest Walleye in the country at 22lbs 11oz (1982 by Al Nelson), and the largest Hybrid Bass in the country at 27lbs 5oz (1997 by Jerald Shaum).

Check under the Government and Departments drop down menus for a directory of county office hours and contact information, or to access county public records, ordinances and resolutions, and voting district maps (found in VBC Voter Registration).